Published on October 12th, 2012 | by Omar

Women in the ‘Hood – Asma Hanif

A gut wrenching lecture that challenges the assumptions and stereotypes. I can’t say I agree with everything within the video and the accusations against the “haves” but overall it is good to remind ourselves about how we let assumptions and stereotypes to guide our attitudes and decisions. For me the most poignant section of the video is the reminder that we need to provide others with things that we would want ourselves. Masjids and other people should not be given our trash but given our treasures.


In this lecture, Asma Hanif discusses the problems confronting poor Muslim women who are rendered homeless and her efforts to assist them through the Muslimaat al-Nisaa woman’s shelter. She also provides insight into the actions we as a community must take if our efforts in this regard, as a community, are to begin to approach the magnitude of the need.

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