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Western Culture vs Western Religious Practice


We live in a country built and established by immigrants with the first of those being the Europeans. Canadian and American culture is mix of religious and non-religious celebrations. Many Muslims struggle with defining which of these are religious versus non-religious.

Christmas – Religious

Mother’s day – Cultural

Father’s day – Cultural

Valentine’s day – Cultural

Halloween – Cultural?

Thanks Giving – Cultural or Religious?

I find a number of scholars who claim that it is impermissible for any Muslim to celebrate any of the above either because they are religious or at the very minimum ‘imitation of the non-Muslims.’ They then summarily cite the ‘sledge hammer hadith’

من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم

“He who imitates a nation is from them.”

Many Muslims use this hadith to condemn other Muslims from everything from how they dress to how they eat. The following blog post from Imam Suhaib Webb talks about the celebration of Thanks Giving, especially for coverts to Islam in the following post masha’Allah.

Can I Give Thanks & Throw Down on Some Turkey this Week?

Islam had initially spread across the globe in part because of it’s ability to adapt and inculcate the culture of the communities it encountered. It seems that many would like every Muslims to simply adopt Arab culture in every way shape and form, especially when it comes to western culture as in these times everything western is evil.

May Allah guide us all (myself included) to the straight and moderate path but may we also strive to understand our religion and bring our community out of the darkness of ignorance. Ameen.

I’m an expert at web development but I’m not even a dedicated student of Islam. Education and enlightenment with respect to our religious teaching will raise our community. I hope I can take my own advice insha’Allah.

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