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Traditional arts in a digital age

Being a man of the digital age, I am quite dependent on the Undo key. Make a mistake? No problem…undo it in some way shape or form. I recently ventured into the world of Arabic calligraphy and worked on a piece of “art” that I was really trying to do a good job on. It was a piece for my wife’s birthday so the pressure was on!

I started one and a half months ago with concept drawings. Then two weeks in I started on the actual canvas. I made mistake after mistake…redoing the piece over roughly 25 times…do I EVER miss the ability to undo things at a click of a button. However, it’s left me with a profound appreciation of traditional artists and the fact that mastering an art is far more difficult and dare I say more meaningful in the non-digital world.

It was also reaffirmed that I have a lot of work to do before considering myself a master of the art but it does feel sooooo good to step away from the computer and create something with my hands.

Surah 30 verse 21 - Marriage Iah


Among the signs of Allah is that He created spouses for you from yourselves that you may feel tranquility with them;  and He created love and compassion between you. Surely in that are signs for a people who reflect. – The Qur’an Chapter 30 Verse 21


Medium: Bristol 2 Ply
Tools: Hand Made Bamboo Dip Pens – Qalam
Material: India Ink and Acrylic

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