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There is no honour in perpetuating oppression

I’ve written a number of times about how human beings very easily lose their humanity at the smallest opportunity. The latest in this is the turmoil taking place in Syria. The fact that women and children are being targeted is the most abhorrent part of this civil war. The women’s media center has been documenting sexualized violence occurring in Syria and looking at the numbers is absolutely horrendous. I can’t fathom what can overcome a human being to do this to anyone let alone your own countrymen/women. How could anyone who has a mother/sister/daughter even contemplate such an act?

Compounding this is this absolutely insane definition of honour which causes families to hide rapes and at times shun those who have been a victim of rape. God is with the oppressed. By shunning those who have been raped, they are thereby taking part in the oppression and thereby becoming an oppressor themselves? What is honourable about that? God has placed the onus on men to do their part in protecting and providing for the womenfolk in their families…if they comes a time where one is unable to protect them it is incumbent upon them to help the victim overcome their situation as best as possible. This backwards mentality is the worst component of Arab/Asian/South-Asian culture and is not supported by Islam in any way shape or form!

May God protect all civilians in all conflicts around the world and may another woman/child never be assaulted/raped and may those who have committed face the wrath of God in this life and the next. Lastly, may those who hope to commit such an act be educated about the horrendous impacts of such a vile and disgusting act. Ameen

Watch the following video by Habib Ali al-Jifri on women in Islam

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