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Published on September 6th, 2012 | by Omar


The depths which we can fall

It brings tears to my eyes when hearing the depths to which we as human beings can fall and mimic and inculcate the characteristics of demons. It reminds me of what the Angels asked of God when He informed them He would be placing humans on the earth

…to create mischief in the land and spill blood

We are capabile of raping women, killing children, dehumanizing anyone and everyone we don’t agree with. I am not nieve enough to believe that I myself am not capabile of such a transformation to the same or lesser degree.

May God protect us all from our own egos and may He protect us from trasforming into demons and may He provide us the ability to learn from the faults/errors of others to ensure that we can purify ourselves of those same faults/errors and may He instill in our hearts love rather than anger. Ameen…Ameen…Ameen

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