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Published on March 29th, 2010 | by Omar


The blessing of not being paralyzed by the thought of death

I was listening to a lecture a long while back about how it is a blessing from Allah that we are not continually aware that death could strike us at any moment. The scholar mentioned that were we to be persistently conscious that we could die at any moment, it would leave us in a state of paralysis.

In seeing my father, he is in a state where he is constantly thinking that his time is near. It is completely debilitating him…he doesn’t want to eat, he doesn’t even want to get up from bed and everything is bleak.

May Allah protect us all from having this blessing taken away from us. By no means should we be completely heedless of our mortality we should remind ourselves often but to constantly be in that state is not a place for any of us to be.

It is said that no person will enter heaven by his/her good deeds alone and that it is only by the mercy and forgiveness of Allah that we are actually granted entry. Never the less, how secure do any of us feel about what we have to present to Allah on the day of judgement? There are few Muslims more heedless and hypocritical then myself. I post these thoughts as a warning firstly to myself and secondly to anyone who may benefit from them.

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