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Published on November 15th, 2012 | by Omar


The need to revive mercy

Mercy is an amazing attribute that seems to be falling by the wayside for our species. My commute home from work can be a long one. After a busy day at work I often find myself getting angry at the most insignificant thing such as a person merging into my lane. I have even caught myself trying to guess if someone would be thinking of merging into my lane and then attempting to prevent them from doing so. What harm is inflicted upon me when someone merges into my lane? Nothing…absolutely nothing…but never the less I find myself getting angry for no reason.

The person in the car is probably trying to get home as well after a long days work. They are probably just a wired as me after working all day. They might have children waiting for them home as well.

The above example is trivial but important. In acting the way I do in those moments I am thinking of myself over others.

  • MY lane
  • MY family
  • MY busy day
  • MY need to get home

Not a single positive though about the people in the other cars. Me, me, me. I along many (dare I say most) people do this on a daily basis. We have our own agendas and this permutates up into all other aspects of society. Families, corporations, local political parties and governments. We think of ourselves and our agendas first without a single though of the other. War brings out the most extreme forms of this where a person is capable of committing in the most horrendous of acts and feel justified in doing so. The raping of women, killing of children, indescriminant bombings all because we fail to think of the other.

  • How would I feel if my wife/sister/mother were raped?
  • How would I feel if my child was killed?
  • How would I feel if my building was bombed?

I would hope that if one thought of others before acting that many acts of oppression could be averted. My actions driving are a very minor form of oppression…but oppression is oppression never the less. If I can do that then it is foreseeable that I could could commit more horrendous acts under the correct circumstances. I am brought to this realization when looking at what is taking place in Syria and more recently Gaza. Pictures of parents holding the bodies of their lifeless children. No parent deserves that….Pro or Anti government…Palestinian or Israeli. No one would wish that on themselves and I would hope that we as human beings would not wish that on anyone else if we have an ounce of mercy in their veins and brains.

Allah will show mercy to those who show mercy to people. Show mercy to those who are on earth – the One Who is in Heaven will show mercy to you.”
– The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

I am to work on being more merciful to all those I come in contact with and I hope that others will as well. Then maybe we have a shot at making this world a better place. Fore if God were not merciful, He would crush us like the cockroaches we are.


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