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Apple played out?

November 15th, 2013 | by Omar

I was reading the latest issue of Wired on the plane today and read an article interviewing Vaclav Smil. Dr [&hellip

Not easy to live with a clear conscience these days

June 18th, 2010 | by Omar

The drive to buy everything for cheaper is something that everyone does. When we buy groceries most of us look in the various weekly fliers from Safeway, Superstore, etc. to find who has the best deals on what. We do this even more so when we're buying bigger ticket items such as computers, phones, etc. The question comes what is the threshold price for a given product? Or what exactly is item X worth? It's a question that seems to involve more than just what it costs to manufacture the product. You can manufacture/create anything but what can you sell it for? If people aren't willing to play how much it costs to make then it's probably not worth making. Or is it? Unfortunately in this day and age of globalization the answer to the problem of "manufacturing cost > price consumers are willing to pay" is to reduce the manufacturing cost.

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