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Recovering From Jahaliyya


A beautiful snippet around how we need to be vigilant in ensuring that we strive to obtain and maintain Islamic character. He makes reference to the fact that a person with an addiction to a given substance such as drugs or alcohol never calls themselves a “recovered addict” even if they haven’t partaken in that vice in 10 or 15 years. They refer to themselves as a “recovering addict” as a reminder that it’s very easy to fall back into that vice if one is not vigilant.

The same should be the case for Muslims given that a large majority of us came from a state of disobedience at varying levels. We see other Muslims that are at different states of adherence to their faith. We may be bettering ourselves but it is equally easy for us to return to a lower state of obedience because we all have jahaliyya in us.

The dua that he mentions is good to take note of:

Praise be to Allah who has protected me from that which afflicts you

<Arabic to be uploaded>

I hope to memorize it recite it when necessary.

I can relate to his desire to refer to himself as a recovering jahal…we are all recovering jahal’s.

May Allah protect people from me and the evil or potential evil within me.

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