Random Hate and the cycle there within

Published on October 3rd, 2013 | by Omar


Overcoming the hate that has consumed many

I saw the above image this morning…it brought tears to my eyes because I am a father like him. I have children like him. I love my children like he does. I work to provide and protect my children and family like he does. The jewel that God had given him was taken away in a brutal and violent manner because some group of people felt that he and his child and other loved ones were of no value. They felt that it would achieve them something…maybe political gain, favour with their Lord, etcetera.

I think about what I would feel if I were in his position and the only things that comes to mind are anger/rage/hate/revenge and ending the life of those who did this in the most brutal of manners. But I then come to the realization that maybe the same thing happened to the person or persons who planned and executed this. If it were in fact true would it be excusable? Absolutely not but as a father I can see how it would be very easy to be overcome with hate. The question is where does it stop? As the old adage goes

An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind

When will we start putting ourselves in the shoes of the other. When will we start seeing people as fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters? It is only upon seeing others in such a light…a light of empathy and consideration…that we can stop this cycle.

We are all imperfect souls. Some more imperfect than others but only God truly knows where we rank individually so why do we not focus on ourselves rather than others? The jahaliyya in us is growing internally even if we are able to hide it from others. We are greedy. We are pompous. We are narcissistic. We are apathetic.

Allah, I pray that with your help I can rectify my soul and help instill love, caring and understanding in the hearts of my family, especially my children. Allah, please enable me and all the other fathers of the world to protect our family and do so in a just manner. Allah, I ask that you remove the hate from our hearts and replace it with empathy and compassion.

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