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Published on August 27th, 2014 | by Omar


Naming our children

Sameeta and I have been researching names for our soon to be arriving daughter in sha’Allah (Please pray that things go well for both Sameeta and the baby). The approach that we have used in naming our children is based on historical figure espousing the characteristics that we’re hoping for in our children. Nusayba was one of the greatest Muslim warriors of all time (male or female) and Maryam…well we all know who Maryam was.

I’ve been using a wonderful book titled “Muslim Women: A Biographical Dictionary” recommended by Dr Umar Abd-Allah in his lecture “Famous Women in Islam” to research a fitting name for our daughter to be in sha’Allah.  In reading the book you will notice a number of things immediately:

  1. Islam liberated women from misogyny and Muslim men have since taken that liberation 10000 steps backwards
    We had leaders, warriors, scholars, poets, theologians and rulers that would put that would put any man to shame.
  2. The companions of the Prophet ﷺ pursued women that modern men and mother-in-laws wouldn’t even consider
    Most modern day mother-in-laws and sons run away from women of strength, intellect, leadership not to mention divorcee’s and widows. Read the book and you’re see that our greatest khalifas would hurry to marry such women. What’s our excuse?

I encourage every Muslim woman to read this book just to understand that they come from a line of greatness that they too can achieve. It will also make it clear that when we see women of that calibre left unmarried that it’s not likely a problem with them but with our society which needs to be undone.

I encourage every Muslim male to read this book as a starting point to understand our history and to start to undo the damage done by us and our forefathers.

May Allah bring us back to the deen as our beloved Prophet ﷺ left it when he returned to Allah. Ameen, Ameen, Ameen!

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