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Insults, Provocations and Our Reaction


This whole campaign to censor Islamaphobic material incenses me…rather than tackle the root cause of the problem we reach for bandaid solutions.

A simple google search for comments/articles/images that are demeaning of Islam and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will show you thousands of results. Will hiding all of them fix the root cause of the problem?

Censoring is NOT the solution. Education IS the solution. We Muslims need to educate OURSELVES about what Islam and Muhammad (peace be upon him) have taught us about living Islam…and IMPLEMENT it in our lives. THEN educate non-Muslims. Talk is cheap…actions speak louder than words.

Anyone living in the “West” can attest to the love and respect that Non-Muslims show Muslims in this land. Yes there are a few idiots but there are just as many idiot Muslims in this world. Just as the media highlights idiot Muslims…they do the same for idiot non-Muslims.

On the day of Judgement, Allah will ask all non-Muslims if they had be presented with the TRUE message of Islam and if not we Muslims will be held accountable for failing to present Islam to our non-Muslim neighbours. Be sure that our reaction to these issues is NOT a fulfillment of that obligation.

Yes, the videos and cartoons, ads, etc are reprehensible…but the simplistic reaction of our Ummah is even more reprehensible!

Those taking part in violent protests and attacking anything “western” they can find…get your heads out of your respective rectums. Our Prophet was sent to perfect human character and as a MERCY to ALL (Muslim and non-Muslim).


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