Random A father holds the body of his deceased sone

Published on October 4th, 2012 | by Omar


I am undeservingly blessed

May Allah prevent any parent from outliving their child. I can only image the unrelenting sorrow/pain/anger/rage this man must feel.

May I never forget how undeservingly blessed I am to live in relative paradise. May I take this reminder and work to be more deserving of my blessings in the eyes of Allah. May I work to help others share in the blessings I enjoy daily. Ameen Ya Rub!

My wife asks me why I look at these pictures and it makes me remember the saying of our scholars. The Muslim community (ummah) is like a body. When one part of it hurts it is felt by the rest. How can I not share in their pain. It is in shedding tears and attempting to relate to the tribulation of others that keeps us human and our hearts soft.


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