Published on February 18th, 2014 | by Omar


Getting JIRA running on AWS EC2 Micro

I’m an agile nut…so I’ve got JIRA running at home for all my side projects (development and otherwise) but it’s a bit of a pain to not have it accessible whenever I need it. So I was looking at alternatives around getting it externally hosted.
Atlasssian offers a hosted option but it’s significantly more expensive than running it locally. If you run it locally it’s $20 a year ($10 for JIRA, $10 for Greenhopper). If you go with their hosted solution its $20 per month. Me being cheap…the latter wasn’t going to work so I started looking for alternatives. AWS has a free tier for it’s EC2 platform so I wanted to see if others were able to get JIRA running on it and it turns out they have.

It’s a bit slow but….IT’S FREE…so you can’t complain. Here’s the guide I used

I’ll post an update after using it for a while.

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