Published on November 3rd, 2010 | by Omar


Bought a Kindle…

I love books but I hate buying technology books because they are out dated months after they are written. So I have been going down the not so ethical path of downloading the PDF version from a great website. The problem I have is that I need my laptop/computer to read them. When I’m on my computer I want to do two things:

  1. Code
  2. Surf the internet

So as you can imagine, I don’t get much reading done on my laptop/computer. So I had two options:

  1. Buy an IPad
  2. Buy an e-book reader

An IPad is basically a laptop so I’d end up getting distracted by the web surfing option. Add to that the ethical issues of buying a product created in an oppressive environment. So I went with option 2 and started researching which e-book reader to buy. I ended up buying an Amazon Kindle because it has wifi capabilities that are available (most others do not) but it’s pretty painful to surf the web on it unless I REALLY REALLY need to so it’s a win win.

I found out that the Kindle is manufactured by the same opressive company that builds the iPad…so I’m complicit. I hate having to go to that length of investigation when buying a product…

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