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Published on August 18th, 2010 | by Omar


Arabic through the Qur’an

Islam is a religion adhered to by over 1.5 billion people world wide and quickly growing. The Muslim holy book in its true form is written in Arabic but only a minority of Muslims are native Arabic speakers. The rest of us learn to read the Qur’an without comprehension of what we are actually reading as simply reading the Qur’an is an act of worship in itself. However, to we as Muslims are encouraged to read the Qur’an with understanding to obtain the full benefit of its contents.

I myself am of South Asian descent born and raised in Canada so I’m the furthest thing from a native Arabic speaker. I also adhere to the Hanafi interpretation of the shari’ah which takes into account my non-Arabness and the non-Arabness of the majority of Muslims. There are concessions made in terms of pronunciation of the Qur’an in prayer etc because it is easy for us non-Arabs to unknowingly incorrectly recite a verse of the Qur’an in prayer. If you don’t understand Arabic how would you know you just made a mistake?

This is a problem I would rather since there is no excuse for me not to learn Arabic. The issue I have is that I’m not too interested in learning modern Arabic (colloquial Arabic) but am interested in Qur’anic Arabic (ala Old English). I found a great book that tries to teach just that. Arabic through the Qur’an teaches ajamies (non-Arabs) like me Arabic grammar and vocabulary. I’m still looking for a teacher to sit and learn this with or at least someone I can confer with inshallah.

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