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Published on November 15th, 2013 | by Omar


Apple played out?

I was reading the latest issue of Wired on the plane today and read an article interviewing Vaclav Smil. Dr Vaclav is a professor at the University of Manitoba and is highly admired by Bill Gates. He’s a strong believer of the fact that innovation has a strong base in manufacturing and therefore the US will struggle immensely for shipping off it’s manufacturing overseas.
Interviewer: But Apple is supposed to be an innovator?
Vaclav Smil: Apple! Boy, what a story, No taxes, everything made abroad – Yet everyone worshis them. This new iphone, there’s nothing new in it. Just a golden color. What the hell, right? When people start playing with color, you know they’re played out.

I couldn’t agree more. Steve Jobs would never have created the iPhone 5 in it’s current form or add “colors” or create the iPhone 5C. But people will continue to mindlessly buy whatever they sell.

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