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A vow to restore personal balance

I don’t usually comment on the acts of immense carnage that are more frequently taking place by misguided/deviant/ignorant “Muslims” because no one is accountable for what was done other than the perpetrators themselves. However, this latest event really shook me. To see people who had just been blessed with a child feel that their child was better off without them (especially after committing such a heinous act) is highly disturbing. Children bring love into the heart of their parents. When I have a crappy day I look forward to spending time with my daughters. Their pure love is infectious and wipes away my negativity mindset. To see that these two people, along with the many others like them whom we don’t hear about around the world, is tremendously troubling. I would love to be able to bring such people back from the dead just to understand their twisted lives and irrational thinking.

Just as there is currently a conference on stopping/slowing climate change that is a tremendously difficult task. We as an community (ummah) need to hold FAMILY level conferences on how we stop the downward spiral our community has faced since the passing of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

In my opinion, extremism is a cocktail made of:

Sending our most intellectually deficient children to religious institution because parents feel religious scholar/leader isn’t a worthy career for their “smart” children +

Parent feeling they are providing for their children simply by working long hours and fulfilling their children’s desires rather than spending time with them to meet their needs


Those same parents didn’t make learning their religion a priority so they continue the cycle by “outsourcing” their children’s religious education to the intellectually deficient people listed above


All of this leading to the creation of adults who grow up with lack of purpose, love and religious intellect who find purpose in the teaching of deviants

Don’t get me wrong, I too am a ignoramus when it comes to my religion, I know infinitely more about my work as a leader/programmer than I do my religion. I vow to work with my family to break the cycle and work to ensure our children are more balanced. We will spend more time with our children so they know they are loved and that there is more to life than money and the things money buys. We will sit and learn more about our religion ourselves by SITTING and reading/studying with rightly guided scholars. Rightly guided scholars who are clearly intelligent and when to study at vetted institutions of Islamic knowledge and have the permission (ijazah) to teach.

Just like tackling any large challenge, fixing the Muslim community needs to start with your sphere of influence. In my case, I can influence myself and my family. Therefore, I must FIRST start with myself and then my family. To not address myself first would be hypocritical.  Upon uplifting myself and helping uplift my family…only then can I turn to my friends and the larger community.

I hope others will join me in my vow because to make real change we need to build a critical mass of individuals who vow to do the same.

Then maybe, just maybe, we can stop this downward spiral the Muslim community is facing.

I don’t make this vow to appease anyone except God/Allah and our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as I believe that such a commitment is long overdue for our community. Speaking for myself, my life does not have a balance between the sacred for the mundane.


I came across a post on seeker’s guidance that is along the same train of thought and has similar points but many more

Can Muslims Stop Extremism

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