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A call to action


I came across a book called “Reclaim Your Heart : Personal Insights On Breaking Free From Life’s Shackles” by Yasmin Mogahed¬†¬†and did a google search to see if there was more information about it’s contents. The description of the book doesn’t seem very insightful to me but then I came across the video above from last years Reviving the Islamic Spirit conferences where Sister Yasmin gives a talk on the same subject. The talk itself is very straightforward and doesn’t pull any punches

  • We claim to love Allah with our tongues but not our hearts
  • What does it mean to love someone
    • You can’t love who you don’t know
    • You can’t love someone you don’t speak to
    • You can’t love someone who you don’t remember
  • We claim to love Allah but we’re not willing to sacrifice our caprice for him
  • We feel that we have gone beyond what is forgivable
    • Adam (may Allah grant him peace) fell from grace and came back stronger and we can too
    • Our sins are big but we should never despair in the mercy of Allah
    • Return to our Lord before the storm of the day of judgement comes

Watch the video and if it speaks to you buy the book…I know I will be insha’Allah.

You can purchase the book at Mecca books or Amazon and several other online vendors

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